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MLP Chibi: Princess Luna by ZantyARZ

I don't write critiques often. I only do it when I see great artwork and I want to tell the artist how I feel. So... You're off to a great start! :D
Vision : The hair I am really impresses with. It is very pretty. :meow: I would like to ask though - is her hair wavy because of the wind or because sh has that princess hair that the pony version of her has? If it's because of the wind her dress should be more wavy. (either way top should have more wave too) Colors are well put together.
Originality : As I said the hair looks good. The cutie-mark necklace is a nice touch. Usually chibies are too shiny but this one isn't and I like that.
Technique : It is no lie that Microsoft Paint is not an easy program to use! And the fact that you made such a lovely and amazing piece really impresses me! ^^ The shading is really nice and the dark parts are not too dark but a good lush instead.
Impact : IT'S A CUTE LITTLE CHIBI PRINCESS! DAWW! :iconsquee-plz:
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